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Inside Customs

Calculating Duties | Car Requirements
Concessions Duties & Taxes | Motor Cars | Valuation
1. An individual or company who intends to import a motor vehicle must first apply to the Trade Board for an Import Licence and receive same before making arrangements for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica. Trucks exceeding 3 tons, tractor heads and trailers do not require an Import Licence. Further information regarding Import Licences may be obtained from the Trade Board Limited, 4 Winchester Road, Kingston 10 or 30 Market Street, Montego Bay, St. James.

2. Having obtained the Import Licence, the individual or the company may then make arrangements for the shipping of the vehicle to Jamaica.

3. When the vehicle is imported into Jamaica, the importer must seek the services of a licensed customs broker to clear the vehicle through Customs. The broker will advise the importer of the information and documents required, the procedure to be followed, the port and wharf charges, the amount of duties to be paid to the Customs and the fee to be paid to the broker for his services.

4. After the documents have been processed and the duties, charges and fees paid, the broker may then proceed to clear the vehicle from the wharf/airport, etc.


The individual or company will be in breach of Section 210 of the Customs Act if the vehicle lands in Jamaica without the Importer first obtaining a valid Import Licence. The importer of the vehicle will be liable to pay a penalty equivalent to three times the value of the vehicle and in addition the vehicle may be subject to seizure by the Commissioner of Customs.

Jamaica Customs Department
P.O. Box 466
Marcus Garvey Drive, Newport East
Kingston 16
Jamaica, W.I.
(876) 922-5140-9


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