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Inside Customs

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Under Section 19 of the Customs Act, "a duty of Customs is chargeable on the value of the imported goods at the time of importation. This duty is charged on the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of the goods, when converted into Jamaican currency." For example, if CIF=US$100 (US$1 to J$33) then total CIF=J$3,300.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF)

  • Cost
    This is the total cost of the goods abroad including ex-factory price, commission, mark-up and inland freight but excluding sales tax and interest. The cost of the goods is sometimes expressed as FOB (Free on Board) or FOA (Free on Air).
  • Insurance
    This is the insurance charge which is payable in order to ensure that some compensation will be available to you in the event of the loss or damage of the goods. If you have not paid any insurance charges when sending your goods to Jamaica, an insurance charge is still applicable for valuation purposes. For goods arriving by boat, the insurance charge is 1.5% of the total paid or payable for the Cost and Freight (C&F), that is, if the goods cost US$100 + US$50 = US$150. 1.5% of US$150, i.e., 150x3/200 = US$2.25
    For shipments coming by air the insurance applicable is 1% of the total of the Cost and Freight.
  • Freight
    This is the amount of money paid or payable as freight to the shipping agent or the airlines for the goods to be shipped or transported to Jamaica.

Total CIF therefore is $100 + $50 + $2.25 = US$152.25.

Jamaica Customs Department
P.O. Box 466
Marcus Garvey Drive, Newport East
Kingston 16
Jamaica, W.I.
(876) 922-5140-9

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