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How do I send a Letter to the Editor?
Click on the Feedback form that appears at the bottom of the news pages. Your comments will be sent to the office of the Editor.

Can I search back issues of the Jamaica Gleaner Online?
Previously published web site issues are retained on the site. Select the Archive option from the Table of Contents. Select the date that you would like to search and press the Link button.

The Archives section only allows me to search by date. What if I don't know the date of my topic?
A search form is available in the top right hand column of every news page. Use this form to search the site by subject.

When I search the Archives for a particluar date, the results show me the news from the day before. What is happening?
The online news is updated five days per week. If you try to search for news on a Saturday or Sunday, the Archive will return the closest calendar day of previous news that is online.

How do I subscribe to the Gleaner?
You can subscribe to the paper-and-ink version of Jamaica's most widely read newspaper by contacting Gleaner Company offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or Jamaica. There are North American versions of the Gleaner and the Star, and a UK version of the Gleaner, all of which are published weekly. You are also welcome to subscribe to the newspapers that are published in Jamaica. Contact the office closest too you:

The Gleaner Company Ltd., P O Box 40, 7 North Street, Kingston Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 922-3400 Fax: (876) 922-6223, E-mail: ads@jamaica-gleaner.com

The Gleaner Co. (U.K.) Ltd., Unit 220 - 223, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, London SE1 6TE England
Tel: (171) 277-1714, Fax: (171) 271-1734,   E-mail: news@gleaner.demon.co.uk

The Gleaner Co. (N.A.) Inc., 1390 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario M6C 2E4 Canada
Tel: (416) 784-3002 Fax: (416) 784-5719 TFree: 1-800-565-3961,   E-mail: gleaner@inforamp.net

U.S.A. - New York:  
The Gleaner Co. (NA) Ltd. 175-61 Hillside Avenue Jamaica, NY 11432 U.S.A.
Tel: (718) 657-0788 Fax: (718) 657-0857, TFree: 1-800-875-6390,   E-mail: gleaner@mail.idt.net

U.S.A. - Florida:  
The Gleaner Co. (NA) Ltd. ,111 N.W. 183rd Street, Suite 108, N. Miami, FL 33169 U.S.A.
Tel: (305) 652-3755 Fax: (305) 652-3849,   E-mail: writa@idt.net

How much does it cost to subscribe to one of the Gleaner Company newspapers?
There are various subscription options for each newspaper. The current rates are posted on GO-JAMAICA in the section called About the Gleaner.  

Why don't I see all the stories printed in the Daily Gleaner?
The Jamaica Gleaner Online is a compilation of news stories from several Gleaner publications and does not represent a mirror of any single publication.

What is the purpose of the Guest Book?
We want to know more about our readers so that we can keep the information on the site as relevant as possible.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with the site?
Send e-mail to webadmn@jamaica-gleaner.com. E-mail is monitored on a daily basis.

Which browsers work best with the Jamaica Gleaner Online?
This site requires a frames capable browser. Netscape 3.0 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 are your best bets for viewing GO-JAMAICA.

I can never seem to get off the first page. What is happening?
If the page looks like it is looping it is not. It keeps showing the page for browsers which do not support frames. The site works only with frames capable browsers such as Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0. The use of JavaScript must be enabled on these browsers.

The Classifieds aren't working. Is something wrong?
We find that people forget to click on the GO button after selecting a category.

Accessing your Web site via AOL's browser is very slow and the pages don't look very good. Why?
Early AOL browsers do not support all the HTML and CGI functionality implemented on our site. It is not possible to adjust AOL's browser to fix these problems. However, it is possible to use Netscape or Internet Explorer in conjunction with the AOL service. This should clear up your problems. Download Netscape or Internet Explorer from the Welcome Page of our site.

I have a question you don't address in this FAQ. How do I communicate it to you?
To send feedback or questions to the GO-JAMAICA, please send email to feedback@jamaica-gleaner.com

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