The Colour and Power of Your Thoughts

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Pub. Date: September 2007
ISBN-13: 9781425756703
Sales Rank: 512,608

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A uniquely sublime offering from Jamaican writer-thinker J.D. Gordon, The Colour and Power of Your Thoughts is an inspirational picture book born out of the author’s colourful life experiences; a kaleidoscopic fusion of wit, wisdom, and enchanting photography that impregnates readers’ thoughts with reasons to live and gives answers to some of life’s most pertinent questions.

By taking the readers on an enlightening, empowering cruise on the wings of its prose and stunning imagery, this inspirational work ends up showering hope and serenity on today’s volatile, stressful world — making it, at once, a timely and timeless collection.

The book is written in a very easy to read format and covers a wide subject area, such as love, attitude, music, dreams and one’s environment. Each photo helps in bringing meaning and life to each thought.

Readers will be inspired, challenged and entertained. It will certainly change readers’ negative outlook on life or augment their positive perception. ‘Think Twice!’ – is the response that this book will provoke and produce in the minds of its readers.

Its captivating and stunning photos and imagery will capture the eyes and heart of the professional as well as the amateur photographers and artists.

Readers are bound to find something new, something refreshing, and something with which they can connect.
After reading and meditating on this proverbial collection, one’s life will not automatically be super, but it will definitely be better.

J D Gordon
has created numerous quality writings on various topics, including poetry and songs.
J D discovered his talent and love for writing in his early teenage years while attending high school (Kingston College). This was in the 1980s, when pen friend communication was a very popular and fulfilling hobby for many young Jamaicans.

J D is also an accomplished musician, composer, arranger and music producer. He spends most of his leisure time training and coaching people to sing, and has been a Director of Music for over ten years in several Churches.

He is highly motivated and is able to transfer his enthusiasm to the attendees of his energized motivational presentations.

He believes there is nothing as important as people, and that everyone is special. With over 20 years of experience in writing he has dedicated his first book to those in search of a meaningful life.

tells his story, “It has always been my childhood dream to be an author.”

“In High school my peers really enjoyed reading my short stories and my poetic expressions, in a song or in a poem. I was then asked to serve on a team that would create a newsletter for Kingston College called, “KC Vibes”.”

“Since I became an adult I observed and concluded that far too many persons had something to say and never bothered to say it. Too many had nothing to say yet kept saying it. I also concluded that the graveyard was overflowing with many of our ancestors who should have passed on wisdom, will and wit to the next generation, but were too taken up with life itself. It was at that time I started to write my life lessons.”

“Every year, since 2003, I would write simple, but profound lessons that could be learnt from an ant, a bee or even a tree. I was maturing in being God-inspired and so began to find meaning in things/events/words and circumstances that were considered meaningless by others. I also started hearing and feeling the thrumming of music from the regular routines of life.”

“God spoke to me and instructed me to write these lessons and share them with the world.”

“Most of the book was written over a two month period, as I was saturated with moments of inspiration”.

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