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lue Verandah is a Jamaican design studio, which came into being when the founder, Tricia Evelyn lived in the fishing village of Oracabessa on Jamaica's North Coast. The name was inspired by the view from her verandah, which looked out over the blue Caribbean Sea. The tropical verandah of the West Indies is traditionally a place of rest and conversation, with sunlight gently filtering in through gingerbread fretwork and palm fronds. Step off that idyllic verandah and you discover the richness of the vegetation, the houses, and the people - the Caribbean lifestyle.

Blue Verandah is a textile and print design house that is widely known throughout the region for its vividly colourful designs of tropical flowers, fruit and scenery. Bird of paradise, hibiscus and Bombay mangos, rum shops and traditional cottages are subjects that bring the richness of the tropics to life.

One of the priorities of Blue Verandah Designs is to use the skills and talents of the disabled, who contribute to the process of painting and sewing these delightful products.

Blue Verandah Designs presents on this website its line of original and exclusive hand-painted cushion covers as well as a series of reproduction prints of Caribbean Cottages.

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>> Caribbean Cushions - Small 16"
Caribbean Cottage Series
Designer's Profile

Tricia was born in Kingston, Jamaica and graduated with Honours in Design from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada. For the past several years, she has been translating onto fabric and paper the images that reflect her love for the exotic beauty of her Caribbean home.