CITY OF KINGSTON SOUVENIR — commissioned to mark the anniversary of its Royal Charter, this is a collector’s dream. 200 pages of colour pictures and facts of the Caribbean’s most interesting and beautiful city. Delicately cloth bound, embossed in gold, it must adorn your coffee table.
Hardcover Price US$30. [postage (1)]
JAMAICAN LEADERS — a ‘must have’ for all lovers of ‘The Rock”- the only book with the life stories of all National Heroes, Governors-General and Prime Ministers plus photos of the national symbols (Tree, Flower and Fruit) and insignias of the National Honours. 32 pages.
Price US$5. [postage (3)]
GREAT JAMAICANS BOOK ONE — 48 pages which tell the story of six Jamaican pioneers in easy to read style: statesman Sir Harold Allan, Bishop P.W. Gibson, Attorney Hector Josephs, Engineer Claude Bell, our first woman Bishop, Mary Coore and our first dialect dramatist, Una Marson.
Price US$5 [postage (3)]
GREAT JAMAICANS BOOK II SCIENTISTS — 30 pages - the achievements of 6 great Jamaican scientists – child nutritionist Cicely Williams, cattle-breeder T.P. Lecky, nuclear physicist Gerald Lalor, pond-fish developer A.J. Thomas, plant geneticist Paula Tennant and the great 19th Century naturalist, Richard Hill.
Price US$5. [postage (3)]
OCHO RIOS – PORTRAIT OF THE GARDEN PARISH provides 200 pages of pictures and information on the fabulous north-east coast of Jamaica- fables of Columbus, colonial ghosts, debauched aristocrats and sturdy black peasants struggling for freedom. A beauty for the collector, a joy for the scholar.
Hardcover Price US$20. [postage (2)]
KINGSTON COLLEGE — The fabulous story of Jamaica’s first Black Anglican Bishop who built a small private school into an academic, sporting and musical colossus. Also facts on the founding of other schools and bios of the great headmasters. All prize winners and major scholars included. 346 pages. Price US$10. [postage (2)]


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